When my father came to Korea, I knew one of the first places he had to see was Seoul. He said it himself today in the car: The two things he thinks of when the word Korea is mentioned to him are Seoul, and the DMZ. I know that may be different than what some of you think when you first here the words Korea, but he’s a 60-something year old man who still knows very little about this place.. until this past week that is. ☺

When I first got a message from him telling me he was considering coming to Korea, I was floored!!! I had always wanted him to come visit, and have been dropping hints that he should come for about the last 5 years. Once he finally confirmed with me that he had bought a ticket, I could not have been more excited. I decided to try and plan the best trip for him possible.

Can I honestly say right here that I part of that plan was NOT to film anything with him. I knew we were gonna take photos together, and post a few of them on our Facebook page. No doubt about that! But as for actually filming a video with him? That wasn’t really part of my plan. In fact, on the contrary, I was hoping to have a little break from video while he was here.

But what ended up happening instead was the first video we made in Seoul the other day!

I can’t promise there will be a lot more with him in them, although he was also with the following day when we toured around Suwon. But who knows when he’ll be back here. Can I just say I’m so glad we did actually make this? Yea, I can say it. I just did. ☺☺