The Heirs is the most highly anticipated drama of the year. As early as spring, we were already talking about this drama and there was a lot of speculation as to whether it would actually be able to live up to all of the hype around it. With the YouTube YTMAs and last week being our wedding anniversary/university midterms, I haven’t really had the time to sit down and do a proper TOAD video and review the drama, so instead I’m dedicating an entire Friday video to this drama.


Overall I’m complacent with the drama. It’s definitely not living up to all of the hype that was building around it, but it’s also far from being the worst drama that I’ve ever seen come out of Korea. If anything, it’s an above average drama that totally plays into already well-established drama clichés and cultural stereotypes that I have to try my best to overlook. I especially found this in the first few episodes. If I had to pull out my biggest issues, they are all related to how the money was spent to make it look fancy and expensive but they overlooked the basic elements that would take a mediocre story and make it fantastic – and I’m not talking about the cars and houses. More than anything I’m talking about the terrible acting/English of the LA actors. That in part is due to the drama writers, but surely they could ok things with a native English speaker from the USA.

There are a lot of things here and there that I think should be changed and adjusted and it keeps going as the episodes continue, but though I’ve watched several episodes, I’m not completely caught up yet. That being said, as always I’m bringing you my thoughts on the first episode. Though I haven’t included it as much in this actual video, I’m pretty impressed with the actual acting on the parts of Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho. They were high stakes actors and the drama’s not failing due to their acting abilities.. As for the overall drama, it’s still a waiting and seeing process.. so stay tuned with me as it plays out. I will update you all on my progress on Tumblr. ☺

the bloopers:

  • Dangershoes

    With as many actors that would love to take that job, I am sad at who they picked for the American actors, except for the teacher. He gave a solid “Hallmark presents” performance. I am sure he is misunderstood, but that one guy’s eyebrows make him look totally evil. At a loss of his name. Haven’t watched the last few episodes. Will wait til it’s over to fast forward through episodes.

  • omonee<3dramas

    I was excited to start this drama. I think maybe a little too excited. I was left feeling flat after episode one. American actors/characters left something to be desired. I’ve stayed with the drama though and am happy I have. Looking forward to your take on episode two.

  • Leah Bonilla

    This is the drama I wanted to love to hate but cannot! I have to say that the mute mom is one of my favorite characters and one of my favorite actresses. She is so amazingly versatile in the roles that she plays and in this one she is hilarious without uttering a word. All your comments are true and the English piece does bug me, but I am also really, really curious about this illegitimate child thing is! Why, why, why is this such a big deal? And not sure how bean flour even remotely resembles drugs. Would love to know who owns that Hollywood home… pool to beach view is AMAZING! Oh, and how do you eat canned foods that you cannot really read what is inside them? And yet I still watch…. sigh… Happy Halloween!

    • Anusha Fernando

      I think the illegtmate child thing is imp coz if Kim Tan is the son of a mistress then legally he wont be entitled to benefits such as attending expensive schools or inheriting a part of the company. His father doesnt want to divorce his present wife but at the same time doesnt want to deny KT the previledges of being his son nor make him the subject of ridicule socially.. hence the arrangement.. I think…

  • Virginia Cleary Mahon

    I don’t understand Korean casting directors. For Anglo roles, they seem to cast English-as-a-second (or third)-language people who can’t act and then choose the most unattractive from that pool (e.g. Princess Amy in “You’re Beautiful”, surfer Jay in “Heirs”). It’s not even so much the looks thing – can’t they cast someone who can act?!! Sheesh. “Heirs” has been painful to watch in this respect.
    Out of all of the K-dramas I’ve seen, and there’s been a bunch at this point, the only exception has been Julien Kang as Goo Jae-Hee’s American brother in “To the Beautiful You”. And he’s not even American – Korean father/French Canadian mother. Smh

  • yasmina elseidy

    staph i just wanna say that bean allergy is really real and its called favism

  • Almia Ramos

    This drama was disappointed. The characters are good, but the story is strange. I do not know but an actor who starred as a man of 30 years (Faith) and did very well, now they put a High School uniform and pretend that I believe that he are 18 ….. A 28 year old guy the chief of older men … in Korea??? a deaf housekeeper in a rich house???? really is strange…..

    • Anusha Fernando

      I am so glad you brought up that up.. Its not that LMH and PSH are not getting away looking like high schoolers, but they are in their mid-20s now and I feel a college setting would have been more appropriate. In both Personal taste and Faith, he needed to romance older women and here when he is paired up with someone his age, he needs to act like an 18 yr old.. Atleast in BOF, he was relatively younger at that time.

      Btw, in many family run businesses, even at a young age, a son is handed over the reins of the business

      • Almia Ramos

        I totally agree with you that a college setting is a better alternative.
        I’ve seen in Dramas where a young man is in charge of a company but not so young (maybe n his 30s). in this case I find it strange because of the strict Korean tradition of hierarchies which we have seen in many dramas. But you are right too. Like you, I think the drama began to be better. What will happen???? =)

  • Mara West

    I have really enjoyed Heirs so far. It has helped a lot that many actors I love are characters in this drama. The overall story and setting has been great ^^ and I look forward to the next episode.

  • Tiara Sune

    The English used was like hearing nails on a chalkboard. It was beyond horrible. Heck, all the American acting just felt wrong. They needed to go back to Korea ASAP.

    An interesting set up, kind of like a modern day royal sageuk drama. You have two brothers who are “fighting” for the “throne”. Eun Sang seems to be a spunky Candy Girl. Time will tell if this continues. Young Do is clearly a douchebag. His smile is really creepy …

    I will say the first episode didn’t sell me completely, but it was enough to get me to go back for episode 2. There are A LOT of characters to introduce which may have made the episode seem long. The hype is just hype … didn’t see anything to really WOW me over to the darkside. Who knows, this drama does have some 20 episodes. I just hope there is enough story to make it to 20.

  • Debbie Estimada-Aradian

    Sorry but anything that has Lee Min Ho on it…I’m satisfied! Merely watching his handsome face makes me happy! Ha ha!!! Other dramas I would judge and criticize but those of Lee Min Ho’s are exceptions…Can’t help it, I’m a big fan girl… he he

    BTW, you’re right, American’s English here sucks…glad they’re over now and story is back in Korea.

  • Anusha Fernando

    The drama didnt start out too well for me.. but it picked up during the 4th or 5th epi and now am at the 7th epi and that one was pretty good.. So either I have adusted my expectations of the drama or they have tied up some loose ends.. I think people who like the 2nd male leads from You’re beautiful or BOF will probably find this drama more appealing..I dont know whats missing for me. But hopefully things will now pick up..

    Btw Stef, they need ‘fractured’ relationships to create a good story. But I feel there are too many sub plots.. as a result of which the scenes of the supporting actors are way too short. For eg, I would love to see alot more of the big bro and the teacher. Oh and I am loving the scenes of KT and Woo