Did you hear about Minzy leaving 2NE1? I woke up this morning to the news plastered all over my social medias thanks to some very unhappy Blackjacks.

Yes folks, it’s true – after 7 years as a member of 2NE1 and 11 years under contract with YG, Minzy has decided to go her own way (insert Fleetwood Mac music) and left CL, Bom and Dara be the baddest bitches around kpopland. But, I think 2NE1 will survive and flourish as a trio – despite Minzy’s “club”… They still have their “hearts” and will shine like “diamonds”..

Bad puns aside.. It’s sad anytime a relationship ends and the working relationship of 2NE1 is no different. I’m personally a fan of the group and have been since before their actual official debut. I can also however, understand the nature of kpop and why she might have made the decision that her future as a maknae with the group might not be the best direction that she could go. I tried to address some of these possibilities in the video. She’s young – 22 and has a lot of life ahead of her. I wish her solo career all the best.

And for the remaining ladies of 2NE1 who I know won’t read this – spirits up girls and I look forward to your future projects!

  • Gowri

    I think what you said in your youtube video is very true. In terms of very good kpop groups breaking up because of lack of solo activities. I mean look at DBSK, SUJU, Exo etc etc. I think this is a very obvious reason as members who left these groups went on to do solo activities that they had passion in other than just singing. And I think that certain entertainment companies are just realising how important it is to allow these idols to pursue their own careers while at the same time keeping tgt as a group. I was actually surprised to hear this coming from YG because I always respected them for being able to keep Big Bang going strong even after all these years and I would say it is definitely because each of the members were given their space to develop as individual artists, which is the ultimate dream for these idols. I mean yea they would want to debut as a group but that is not their ultimate goal, it is to be known as an artist in the eyes of their fans. I think this lack of space given to idols have broken apart groups and we will just have to hope that other entertainment companies learn the lesson and pray that other talented groups do not succumb to this fate.