HallyuBack is now on tumblr! It’s been an eventful week or so.. Busan, Painting, filming a music video, doing a radio interview, and I started taking the 30 Day Asian Drama Challenge. The HallyuBack house is fairly buzzing with everything. It was so busy that I actually got behind on the whole 30 day challenge and had to play catch up. Not that I’m surprised.


I’m actually the non-organized one in the family. Everything will be clean, you will be fed well, I can talk dramas for hours but I have to have a schedule and a place for everything or I can’t find it or I forget to do it. I’m sure I’m not the only one though and while it drives my husband Richard crazy at times I know who I am and I’m ok with that.. though really I do hate not remembering where I put my keys.

I’ve never actually taken the Asian Drama Challenge before, though I know it’s not exactly a new thing. I’ve seen many versions of the same general idea before in my many years of asian drama watching and all of the online forums that went along with watching in the early years. I think the hardest part of actually taking it is narrowing down and singling out just one drama to answer all of the questions. Well that and I’ve been watching dramas for years so remembering all of the firsts took some serious backtracking. With all of that said, I’m not going to say my first dramas and my favorite dramas – you can watch that in the video or see it on my tumblr wall. But it is an interesting place to be and some great questions to ask as a lot of them will actually change over time. My favorites have been out-favoritized multiple times by this point and I know that they are far from being concrete.

That being said, I can’t wait to watch and find out more.. this is far from the end of my drama watching career! Heck 7 years in and I’m still just starting!!

  • lakshmi_chandarla

    The first Asian drama I watched was Fated to love you, and it got me hooked!!!
    Although i liked Joe Chen with Ming Dow in the prince who turns into a frog more!!!

    • AislingEire

      Wow, we have the same answer to that! :)

    • hallyuback

      Don’t know how anyone wouldn’t get hooked on that first! 😀

  • Jade Oliver

    The first asian drama i watched was Boys over flowers!! So Korean dramas all the way!!!!

  • Kitti Griszbacher

    I don’t really remember wich was my first drama Hana yori dango or You’re beautiful… But I don’t care because one of these dramas made me start watching Asian dramas and this is what is the important!! :)

    • Richard

      haha that’s pretty much how Steph feel’s too!

    • hallyuback

      That IS what’s most important haha ^^

  • vivien

    my first drama was boys over flowers. but I seen so many dramas now, and I will never forget my first drama.

  • Leti43

    Hi! My answers for the challenge: First Asian and Korean drama: “A thousand kisses”; my first and only one Japanese drama: “Rich man, poor woman”. Taiwanese drama: none yet. My all time favourite Asian (and korean drama):”The queen hyeon’s man”, and “A gentleman’s dignity” too!.
    Least favourite korean drama: “Beloved”
    My favourite song, it’s so difficult!, I guess “Because it’s you” (Tiffany), from Love Rain.

    Kisses from Argentina!

  • Sabrina Nguyen

    My first Asian drama was a Korean drama. it was City Hunter. It was extra special for me because my crush told me about it. ^-^