63 building
“63 Building”
Acrylic on Canvas – May 2017

I wanted to paint a Korean scenic landscape painting but find that most often what I end up painting is more historical buildings. I wanted to paint something that to me represented the actual Korea that most people interact with more, the city and modern Korea. I had an overall view of that I wanted to paint but I didn’t know exactly what buildings would exist in the piece, just that it would be buildings and flowers. As the painting progressed though, it kept revealing to me more and more what it wanted to be – and that was the 63 building as I remember it. Shining brightly from the sun reflecting on it to create a beam of light that I saw so often from the subway or train windows. It’s a bit of a nostalgic painting if I allow myself to look at it for any length of time. Korea has forever changed me and is imprinted on my heart.

This artwork is a one of a kind piece hand painted by Stephanie Ishler of Hallyu Back.
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22×28 inches / 56×71 cm