Wow, my hair was really red back then! It was as red as the maple leaves in fall.

I always liked finding out what new dramas are coming out, what looks good and what I want to watch. I suppose this is how I started Hallyu Back in the first place.

5. Resident

This one is my number 5 because it’s a medical drama. It doesn’t matter if it’s Japanese, korean or even American: medical dramas don’t really do it for me. The whole premise of resident kind of reminds me of the American drama ‘Scrubs’. This to me is an exception because it’s more about young relationships and having fun than it is really about medicine. Now, I haven’t watched this one to know exactly if what I think it is actually is what it is but.. still you have young guys and girls learning to be doctors so that can’t be that bad, can it?

4. Tokyo Zenryoku Shoujo

It’s all about a crazy mixed up family. There’s a long lost dad in there somewhere and the main character goes to find him. I haven’t seen this one and I’m looking at the Wikipedia now wondering what to write. I really don’t know what to say. I may never watch this one and don’t want to add in a bunch of bs for the sake of filling up space. So, I’m including the link to Drama Wiki here if you’re interested in reading up on it.

3. Ooku Tanjou (Ooku Arikoto Iemitsu Hen)

This one I actually did see! It’s one of the first if not the first historical Japanese drama that I watched from beginning to end. I watched this one on my honeymoon! It’s the story of an effeminate man who is forced to leave his Buddhist priesthood to become the partner of the shogun and give her babies when most of the men in the kingdom are dying out. There was just something so weird about this one because the gender roles are all turned on their heads. The women are tough and ruthless, and the guys are the ones with the caring nature that the women are throwing themselves after because they are so rare. It’s quietly artistic and it is almost as if they captured the feel of Buddhism in the production. A simple, gentle strength win me over. And because I watched this one mostly in a hammock over looking the beach, it was a pretty powerful experience. I highly recommend it! ..with the hammock included of course.

2. Akumu Chan

Gackt is in this one! He’s one of my favorites. I also reviewed this one, check that out here. I’d say watch it for Gackt. Nuff said.

1. Priceless

I also reviewed this one. My husband was excited about this review because it has Karina in it. He likes Karina. It was my first drama seeing Kimura Takuya. For a slightly more mature drama that’s all about business and a guy losing his job, it’s definitely more of a family drama. It’s presented in such a way that it’s heart-warming instead of them just trying to throw values at you. That’s not really realistic. It’s a drama that will make you smile when you watch it and helps you remember that money isn’t everything. We all need helps remembering that sometimes. I come from America where we have ‘the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ on TV. I like seeing a drama like Priceless every now and again.  It’s nice to know crap isn’t the only thing on TV.  Nice work Japan. 😉



the link to Wikipedia here

in a hammock over looking the beach,


‘the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’