A Piece of Spring

“A Piece of Spring”
Acrylic on Canvas – March 2016

Cherry Blossoms are very special to me. For five of the years that we lived in Korea together, Richard and I would walk the cherry blossom lined paths at Kyung Hee University where he worked and I later studied. It became a very special part of our relationship, a tradition that we shared. I would take my camera and snap hundreds of photos. Some of these spring dates were joyous. Sometimes our relationship was on unstable ground. At least one of those times I was feeling quite sick and he dragged me out of the house with hopes that I’d feel a bit better. Every time I’d pick a flower enjoy that little piece.. one flower of the billions that helped to give me hope every year that somehow – someway I’d find hope and get through another year…

This artwork is a one of a kind piece hand painted by Stephanie Ishler of Hallyu Back. All artwork is for sale unless otherwise specified. If you are interested in purchasing this original painting, contact us here!

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