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 Hey guyz, Steph here! ^^

In March of 2009, with a geeky long-held love for Asia (mangas, anime and dramas), I packed up my life in the USA and moved to South Korea to teach English. There met and married my husband Richard, and we began our lives together.   During my 6 years in Korea I watched the country change with the development of smart phones and technology becoming one of the most advanced (technologically) countries in the world, and an entertainment capital. In those years I also taught 1 year for Chungdahm Institute, 3 years as a professor at Suwon Science College and received my MA at Kyung Hee University. During those years in Korea I also began seriously painting and created HallyuBack with Richard in 2012.

In 2015, after much discussion and deliberation we left Korea and moved back to the USA. Currently we are based in the state of New York.

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 3.56.47 AMRichard is my husband and a vital part of HallyuBack that often works behind the scenes. He also has a profound knowledge of Korea having lived and worked there for 8 years (2002, 2008-2015) at a private academy, and then as a professor at Kyung Hee University. In 2010 he was hired to create, direct and produce 2 reality shows for his university. Having grown up with a camera in his hand, he decided to continue to pursue video making in his free time.

Frankly, HallyuBack would not exist if it weren’t for his opening my eyes to the possibilities of video, and it would likely fall apart if it weren’t for his hard work and drive.  He is the master director, editor, producer, cameraman, and business manager that keeps it all running smoothly!

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Maki is our wonderfully affectionate Russian Blue fur baby. Having been around the world twice, she is also quite the world traveler! Born in Korea on a very meaningful day, the moment she was in Steph’s arms Maki became a beloved part of our family. Richard being allergic to cats was a bit nervous, but soon this hypoallergenic fluff won him over! Maki likes to sit in windows and watch the birds and squirrels. During the day she can often be found there or trying to talk someone into letting her onto the front porch or out into the backyard so she can roll around in the dirt and chomp on grass. In the evenings, she likes to play with her toys and snuggle up to watch Asian dramas with her mom. She often likes to make surprise video appearances! ^^



On January 1, 2016 another very special member of our HallyuBack family entered the world.. though we didn’t know about it until 6 weeks later on the anniversary of us moving back to the USA.  Minho is the newest and littlest member of the crew.  A Russian Blue mix, our little guy likes to nomz dry food, drink out of faucets, pester his big sister, play with their toys and is always up for a good snuggle.  You may see him occasionally in videos but he’s still a bit camera shy.  Most often you can catch him on my Twitch painting streams which he likes to crash and I try to keep him from getting covered in paint!




If that’s too much reading you can just watch me draw my life! ^^