When I first found out that Taiwan was coming out with a version of Absolute Boyfriend I was stoked! I’d spent a lot of my free (non drama watching) time reading Shojo Beat, and this was always one of my favorites. (following my all time favorite Honey and Clover!) When Japan made a version of it in 2008 I waited until it had completely come out and watched it in marathon mode – and can I say, I was not disappointed. While I didn’t find Hayami Mokomichi’s “Night” that appealing, he did do a good job at being plastic and robotic. It’s not that he is a bad actor – he was steamy in Gokusen 2 – he was just playing the role well. Instead I found myself drawn to Mizushima Hiro and his gorgeous face. Has this man ever made a drama that he doesn’t blow me away with his good looks and solid acting?? Still have yet to find one.. And Aibu Saki took her role from high schooler to modern businesswoman with grace and a bit of awkwardness that was completely endearing. I cannot dislike her – even if she’s got two handsome guys falling all over themselves for her in this drama.

Riding this positive memory of what a great story this was I was sooo excited to watch the Taiwanese version. I like Jiro Wang a lot and respect him as a crossover actor. I just knew he had the abs to pull from Night.

At the same time I was talking with Rick (then my boyfriend) about filming myself doing a video review of a drama. I thought this would be a great first one to review. It’s got Jiro Wang who’s super cute and popular and they had brought on Gu Hye Sun who’s still riding the popularity of her Geum Jia Di in Boys Over Flowers. I thought this one would be an epic crossover drama that became popular in Korea and Taiwan.

Boy was I ever wrong. This drama was a train wreck. I didn’t say that in the video because it was my first video and I was scared about being negative, but I should have known before choosing it. Gu Hye Sun has done extensive work, but I’ve never seen her in anything that I really found myself liking. To me, she’s the Kristen Stewart of Korean dramas – except Kristen is prettier. She got cast in a really popular flick that flew her to stardom, but her acting is emotionless. I thought Gu Hye Sun was bad in Korean dramas, but this Taiwanese drama just cemented the deal. Her mandarin wasn’t strong enough so they had to dub all of her speaking roles and it was painfully obvious. Half of the time, her mouth and the words didn’t match up at all. To make matters worse, she tried to overcompensate by overacting! I’m sorry any of you Gu Hye Sun fans out there – but I think she needs a new occupation. The only saving grace in this entire drama was seeing Jiro Wang practically naked!

And now they keep talking about Korea coming out with a version this year starring TOP and Kim Ha Neul! I want to say that I’m excited. If I had never seen the Taiwanese version I probably would be. I know that Kim Ha Neul is a good enough actress that she makes even the annoying parts of her roles enjoyable (crying scenes in Gentleman’s Dignity anyone?) And OMG TOP showing up in a box on her doorstep practically naked – her character’s going to get a lot of fan envy for that one – though they’ll also all be tuned in just to see TOP wearing as little as possible. Heck, I know it’s going to be good but after Taiwan I can’t get excited. Guess I’ll have to wait until the first episode comes out – I hope I don’t have to wait for long!

  • ladysaotome

    Such an awful drama. Like you, I watched it for only one reason – Jiro. 😉