I’ve been going into a lot of Korean makeup stores lately and just looking around. While I haven’t always been a big fan of or user of Korean makeup, early on during my time in Korea, I succumbed to the Korean face mask. Maybe it’s because I saw it in so many dramas, including the reality show ‘We Got married’. Maybe it’s because I heard many of my foreign friends touting the wonderful benefits from them.

But really, it was most likely because I just needed a mask for my face. That, and they’re pretty inexpensive! Not to mention, with my sensitive skin, I like that overall they appear to be natural.

The ones I introduced in the video are from The Face Shop. While I don’t know how realistic this is because this is part of the big LG brand, their motto is ‘Natural Story’. The packaging says real nature mask on the front and has pictures of the type of mask that it is. So there’s no mistaking what kind of mask you’re getting, or at least what the main ingredient is.

I’m actually not sure which of these is my favorite one because I actually plan on trying them all! Maybe I’ll update this page in time, or make another video about it!
Another great feature of these masks is there are English explanations on it. The English on the packaging includes instructions on how to use the mask, ingredients as well as the benefits of using the mask. Generally speaking, the green ones are mostly for hydration, but they also have ones that make your skin firm and youthful, for exfoliation, and skin brightening.

Best part about it, you can do it in the evenings, it only takes about 10 minutes, and then you just throw it away. You don’t even really have to wash your face.. I’m pretty sure.

If you’d like to check out the same masks I used on Richard and I in the video you can click here for more information. ☺