Rainy day in Korea turned awesome when a package showed up at our P.O. Box! How exciting!! So many of your guyz are so supportive of us living over here and doing our thing, and we can’t thank you enough. But for those of you sweet enough to make something hand made and send it over, now that is special! You wanna make a girl feel special? Crochet a cowl with animal ears and send it this way. Guaranteed recipe to win me over forever! My heart melted when I opened that box, and it’s still gives me the feels to write this. Thanks you so much Iyeli for one of the most thoughtful gifts I’ve ever received.

Yesterday’s Video – Beer and Liquor Prices in Korea

  • Ashley

    That’s the cutest hat ever!!! Who made it and do they sell them?? I would definitely buy one!

  • Arthea Emory


    You keep posting, I’ll keep watching!!!