Angry Mom is a Kdrama that TOTALLY surprised me! If you haven’t already started watching I think you should give it a shot just in time for Mother’s Day :)

This drama is intense! It touches on a lot of harsh topics that make up some of the terrible things that young people in high school might face in Korea. I don’t believe that some of these things are super, but I have heard about instances in the Korean news where such things were highlighted from time to time.

It takes things a bit to the extreme, but I wouldn’t say it’s a depressing or scary drama because there are enough elements of comedy that lighten the mood and somehow balance things out.

This drama may not be for everyone, but since starting the first episode I’ve been hooked and basically dramathoning these last several days. It’s that good, or at least I think so.

Have you been watching Angry Mom? What do you think about it? I’d love to know!

Happy Drama Watching everyone!! :)

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  • Karen Shortell

    thaNKS for the recommendation. I got hooked on Drunken to Love You and have done nearly nothing but watch this one for the past couple of days, when I was supposed to be packing for an early flight tomorrow evening. Going to GA to help my granddaughter make a cosplay dress for Dragon Con in Atlanta in June. Terezi Pyrope is her new favorite character from Homestruck. this is so much fun. But do check out Drunken when you get a chance. Rainie Yang and Joe Chang are in it. lots of fun.

    • hallyuback

      Oooh that’s a good one!!! I really liked that one but haven’t recommended it much before because there are a significant number of HB family that are underage. Glad you enjoyed it and how fun! I still have yet to go a cosplaying!