We’ve been asked this question a lot. For so many people who live outside Korea and have never been here, this country can be a little bit hard to understand at first.

Because so many people live in Seoul, the price of housing has become quite expensive. They are still building new houses and high rise apartment buildings in places, and prices for new accommodations may be expensive. This is nothing new really, since new homes cost a lot of money all over the world.

Part of the reason we’ve stayed in our house for so long here is because the rent is really inexpensive compared with most houses and apartments in Korea for the size of our place, and for the location. You really can’t beat roughly $450/month for 3 large rooms, and a front patio with a location so close to Suwon Station.

Not everyone who comes over here is so lucky to find housing like we have.

Justin came to look at our place today because he’s been living in Korea for 4 years in a studio size apartment, and paying the same or more than we do for about the same area. Actually his location might even be considered slightly less convenient. He gives a really good idea of what the costs are of the area where he lives which is not too far from here, and it’s really great insight into what it cost to live around here.

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