The other day I was walking through various cosmetic shops because I ran out of the BB cream that I use and I decided to stop into The Face Shop to see what I could find. For those of you who are not so familiar with Korean cosmetics, it’s a makeup, skincare, body and bath franchise. But, they have some super adorable products that look and smell amazing! When I first came to Korea, I especially liked them because everything had some English on it. Seriously though, there’s nothing scarier than not being able to read the directions – especially when it’s something that could be going onto your face! It’s also hard to miss the store because its spokes models are Suzy and Kim Hyun Joong!

Anyways, when I was looking around the other day I saw some really cute hand creams, and had to buy my favorite of them all to share with you. I’m a total sucker for cats, (and I find cartoon raccoons adorable too) so I ended up with one with a kitty/raccoon on it. It goes without saying that I love the packaging and will be trying to find some other use for it in the future after all of the lotion is gone, but I also really liked the lotion itself. Despite having psoriasis I hate using lotion – I think it’s because I had to use so much of it when I was a kid. I also usually struggle with perfumed products because of my sensitivity. So I admit, I tried this one out before I filmed it on camera. I wouldn’t buy it if I didn’t actually like the product. I was so excited when I came home with it that I told Richard it was my next “stuff” that I wanted to showcase and that I was going to pamper myself with candles and the works. Heck, I even shot this video without makeup! It was a total pampering time though – my hands are usually in rough shape from nail biting and our kitten Maki not fully understanding that Mom’s hands aren’t for chewing despite trying to train her otherwise.

Seriously though, this lotion is amazing! It made my hands super soft, and almost all of the roughness and red lines from the kitty are gone! And I can’t begin to describe how much I love the smell of it! More so, that it doesn’t cause my super sensitive skin to flare up. My only concern is that kitty likes it too much and the night we filmed, I had a hard time sleeping because she just wanted to lick my hands when I wanted to sleep! I think I’m going to have to buy some more to take on the plane home this summer..