The day started off normal and ended by being one of the best Kpop experiences of our lives! Not only did we get to see Super Junior, Sistar, Bangtan Boys (BTS) and others, but we then got to go backstage, meet and take photos with Kara!! I think our reactions in the video speak for themselves.

If you could go backstage at a Kpop concert, who would be the number 1 artist or group that you would like to meet?

Yesterday’s Video

  • Melinda Lipinski

    oh man…Steph i would be so annoyed too if i missed out on Super Junior because of some stupid balloons!

    • hallyuback

      Well I didn’t miss them completely but you could see how annoyed I was in the video LOL

      • korimorena

        I really hope you had a time with SuJu…any of them…ok,not just any…I really love Kyuhyun and Leeteuk,Heechul too. Arrghhhhh!!!…THOSE BALLOONSSSSSSS!!!

  • Arthea Emory

    Super Junior is the reason I am into Korean anything. In April of 2012, Comcast had an Asian month celebration with their On Demand feature. I have LOVED anime since I was knee high to a french fry, so I was scrolling through their selections when I came across a Music section. The FIRST KPop music video I watched was Mr. Simple by Super Junior. At first I made fun of them. “What are there, like 30 guys in this group? Are they doing cheer formations/transitions?” Then I watched the video 20 more times. I started humming along, bouncing in my seat. I WAS HOOKED!!! I looked them up online…and after one of their videos on YouTube…there was a link to a BOF song. I listened to the song…then looked for the series. And that was all she wrote.

    And now…284 Korean Dramas/Movies later…I can’t go a day without something from South Korea invading my ear space. All that to say I would sell the pinky toe from my left foot to meet SuJu!

  • korimorena

    Oh my goody,Steph! Why oh why not be with SuperJunior???? My hands are literally shaking when I saw this notification in FACEBOOK then to click n’watch your video. :( They are the reasons why the term KPOP stuck in my head.
    In my country(now I’m based working overseas)on one of my vacations at home,my younger relatives(cousins)introduced the popularity of KPOP to me when we are at the mall. Basically #SuJu and their album and video are playing in the record shops…then I felt so young again!hahaha(that was 2006, I’m in my late 30’s now)Really loved it more if my fave Korean boys were with you and Richard…esp. “maknae” Kyuhyun, “leader” Leeteuk and the “yeppuda” Heechul. Thank you for sharing to us all this.
    Question(I hope you’ll reply) Is there a place/venue in Seoul where these idols(anyone,even not as popular as SuJu)perform either regularly or as guest performers where fans can go and watch,like you two did?(Aside from these group’s huge concerts)If ever any foreigners like me would want to see/watch them incase?
    Thank you so much you guys!!!God bless!

    • hallyuback

      Hey! I’m so happy you liked the post and video! As for a place in Seoul where they perform regularly, there are many, and usually you have to pay for tickets. There is no ‘one place’ but many theatres, concert halls and stadiums. Hope this helps! 😀

      • korimorena

        Thanks loads!I’ll keep it in mind!

      • korimorena

        Thanks for the reply Steph!I know you’re busy. Stay healthy…you and your hubby!