This has to be one of the biggest blunders I’ve gotten myself into since moving to Korea! Bank machines in Korea operate a little bit differently than in the US. For example, you can begin your transaction at the money machine before ever putting your card in. Eventually you must inject the card into the reader, but it’s not required until you must punch in your pin. Also in Korea, after all the steps are finished, the machine will pop out your card and the receipt to you before ever giving you any money. These are quite minor differences, but after so many years in Korea I was still dooped by it today. What happened today has never happened before, and lets just hope it never happens again.

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  • RukiaFan04

    I made mistakes everyday! We are all humans!
    Here in Portugal the bank machine gives first the card, then the money and at the end the receipt, so I would end doing the same mistake! 😛
    Steph “fighting” on your paper work, i’m in the same situation!!!!
    Kisses and hugs from Portugal! …Ah and my cat says “Meow” to Maki!