This summer I had the privilege of going to New York City and hanging out with one of my best friends Jess.

If you saw my Draw My Life video, the whole part where I talk about the 3 Muskateers who I grew up with, she’s ‘Portos’.

Literally you guyz, she grew up right down the street from me. Every morning during the summer she would wake up, hop on her bicycle, ride of a couple houses down the street to park at mine, come in to wake me up and my mom would feed us breakfast. We would then speed away on our matching bicycles with our little sisters who were also the same age tagging along behind.

Jess always had a lot of cool toys, so we usually spent a lot of time at her house because we could get away with more. We played a lot in my yard too because I had a cooler yard.

As we got older, though we had very different personalities, we still did a lot of the same activities. I did a total of 10 theatrical productions with her. We also used to do competitive choir together and all that jazz.

After she left for college, our relationship changed to one where we see each other rarely, but when we do we pick up where we left off like nothing has changed and we were never separated. To me, it’s a really cool friendship where we love each other unconditionally and are there for each other if the other needs it.

So Jess: I’m really thankful you’re in my life and I hope to see much more of you in the future. 😉