There are just some things in this life that are guilty pleasures. They’re things you love to hate – like high heels. I hate the way my feet hurt after 20 minutes of standing/walking and my knees are kicking me the next day but I love the way that those extra couple of inches make me feel! Mind you, I’m not talking about shoes as high as those in the first episode of this drama – those things were practically Lady Gaga ridiculous! No wonder the main actress looked like a stamping horse trying to walk in them.. I just wonder if everyone was following her because she was beautiful or if they were just hoping she’d fall over so that they could help pick her upright!

If I sound like a crazy person who’s making no sense, this drama is about a total sweetheart of a woman who’s pushed around by her in-laws and neglected by her husband who’s cheating on her because she’s a bit overweight. Seriously people we’re talking 200-250lbs! And they justify it as who could ever really love someone who looks like that. So what do they do? Someone (haven’t figured out which one of them yet) forces her car off the road to force her to “commit suicide” after her husband informs her he wants a divorce. Having survived the terrible tragedy and witnessing her own funeral she runs off to try to get a doctor to give her a transformation. Aka she then becomes a woman who’s been turned into a plastic Korean Barbie doll. And having watched episode 2, though she does need some exercise and diet to help keep up the look, she’s still shallow enough to be stuck on her sleazy ass husband who’s now getting married to the woman he was seeing behind her back.

200 Pound Beauty

Talk about a guilty pleasure. Hate the shallowness of it all, and the objectification of her and the women in the drama. That being said it’s extremely well done and draws you in. Thoughts?

My Last Korean Drama Review