Ahn Jae Hyeon was one of the biggest breakout stars of 2014! Playing supporting roles in both You Who Came from the Stars and You’re All Surrounded, and with the movie Fashion King he certainly proved to drama casting directors that he had what it takes to stand out and be a star. So much so that after one year in the acting business he’s been picked to lead up the new upcoming drama Blood!

He’s paired with his noona, the (somewhat) older veteran actress Gu Hye Sun. Personally guys, I’m not a huge fan of her work in the past. I know that last year she tried to make a better name for herself with Angel Eyes, and I have to give her some credit for choosing such a quirky drama as Blood. Still though, if I’m going to be watching this drama then it’s certainly not for her sake.

That being said, I will be checking out this drama, mainly because I love vampire stories. There’s a lot of fun scary and supernatural elements that come out in Asian culture (and entertainment culture in general frankly) but my favorites of all have to be gumiho’s and vampires. I’d say more but you can watch the video for my review of the Blood trailer. Are you excited to see this one?

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