We were lucky enough to be invited to the very school where the Korean drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’ was filmed!! AHHHH WHAT AN INCREDIBLE OPPORTUNITY!!!!! This is a dream come ture for any Asian drama fan! The school itself is an English language boarding school about 2 hours from our home in Suwon, and it’s way out in the countryside. The town is very small, and it almost seems like the only attractive thing about the place is the school and the drama that made it famous.

I must warn some of you though that may be thinking of trying to visit there is you’re in Korea: I’m not sure they accept random visitors. This place is really only accessible by car, and if you watched our video closely, the entrance gate came down when we tried to just drive in. Since we were visiting our friend, it was no problem. And, also because it was a day off from classes I think they are a bit more casual about tourists. I’m not sure what they do if you just show up and want to walk around on campus snapping photos.

Anyways, hope you enjoyed our adventure! We definitely enjoyed it on our end. If you did, thanks for pressing the like button on YouTube and as always Happy Drama Wacthing! :)

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  • Dangershoes

    Were you able to see the pool area too? Is that place open for visitors? Noticed a lot of BoF posters in that room. Beautiful time to go and awesome to see your video. Want to re-watch BoF (Korean Ver.) Now

  • Karen Shortell

    That was great. Thanks. It must be your anniversary by now over there. I hope you are having a wonderful day – if you are up yet. Can’t wait till tomorrow night here to see what you did.

    • hallyuback

      So glad you liked it Karen ^^ Appreciate all your support!

  • Emilia

    Happy anniversary!!! The video was absolutely aweeeesome I hope I can visit Korea some day,it’s not that far away haha,I’m from Australia.Anyway I’m so happy for you guys and I can’t wait to see more of your videos.

    • hallyuback

      Thanks for your sweet comment, really nice of you! You should definitely come visit one day, it’s way less expensive for you to visit versus people where I’m from LOL 😀

  • maribella

    Gahh. Speechless. ♥♥♥ so jelly
    Absolutly love your videos!