Breast implants, or breast augmentation is a relatively commonish surgery in the world of plastic surgery. In North America for instance, breast implants became popular somewhere in the 80s with the rise of plastic surgery’s popularity. in the U.S. now, the word breast implant is a household term.

In Korea, it’s not as common, particularly not amongst young people, but that is not to say that people aren’ getting the surgery done. More than likely, plastic surgery has become a popular surgery for the foreigners, and mainly Chinese people that come over to Seoul to have the surgery completed. They’ve ever made it into a big tourism industry. Go to Korea. Get surgery. Relax. Go shopping.

It was starting to become more common as you walked through the streets of Seoul on any given day to see people who appeared to be visiting also have bandages covering their face from some recent facial plastic surgery.

Generally, getting saline breast implants will set you back roughly $6,000 U.S. which is close to the same price as in the US, but you can get the whole thing wrapped up and completed in about two weeks in Seoul.

And trust me, for the people that I HAVE seen had it done, including our friend we mentioned from the video, as well as several Korean celebrities we know who’v undergone the knife, it looks good!

Personally, I’m not a big fan that you have to go back and get another surgery after ten years or so because you have to replace them every once in awhile, or they can tear. There are always risks.

So for me, I’m keeping my ta-tas the way that they are.

What are your thoughts on breast implants? Plastic surgery in general? Have you ever considered getting breast implants? Do you know anyone who has had the surgery? I’d love to hear your thoughts! :)

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