If you’ve ever been to Busan, then I’m sure you know how beautiful it is there. First off, it’s a place with the most popular beaches in Korea! Also the weather is usually nice, there’s lots of great seafood restaurants, and there’s always something fun to get into.

That’s why we decided to take my dad there while he was visiting Korea! ☺

We were actually in Busan 3 days during his visit. However, we didn’t film that much of it because we were mostly just enjoying ourselves. We just had to have major family time with dad since his trip to Korea was really so short.

So anyways, here’s a little snip-it of our time in Korea, including our view on top of a mountain in the middle of the city and some delicious crab lunch on our way out of the city. We filmed the ending of the video somewhere along the road.

If you’re in Korea and have the time and the means to go, we highly recommend that you check out Busan. We love the beaches there and we’re pretty sure you will too! ☺

  • Deidre Crummitt

    Those crabs are making me hungry!