I can’t believe I made this video! This HAS TO BE the most girly video I’ve ever made since it’s talking about feminine hygiene products. But it was requested and we had never made anything even close to a video like this. And it’s funny too, because I just watched the video before writing this, and it is indeed an interesting topic.

The amount of products and the availability has changed in the last 5 years in Korea, and I cannot stress this enough. When you look back at what you were suggested to bring 5 years ago at different blogs and whatnot, you had to bring all kinds of stuff. I still remember going to the local super market and stocking up on my short trips home to see my family over the holidays. I still do with some things (like underwear for example), because if there is a particular style of brand that you like, your best option is to bring it with you. But for instance, I no longer bring tampons here with me from the US because Korea now sells a selection of them. Did they a decent selection in 2008? No they did not. But things have changed quickly here.

You can get good tampons in pharmacies and major department stores here. You can also get them in Olive Young. The thing is, all of these stores are closed in the evenings, and in the case of pharmacies they are closed on the weekends. So you have to plan ahead. There’s a tiny selection of pads and tampons at your major chain corner stores like GS 25 or 7-11, but I usually try to plan ahead and only consider buying and using those products in case of emergency.

I’m also really proud of Richard too!! He was able to make this video and talk about all this without seeming the slightest bit disinterested. It’s good to know he cares enough to ask me about tampons and these sorts of things without feeling weird. And, I almost forgot about that one time he went to get me pads down at the local convenient store. You know you have a good man when he’s willing to go and buy you necessary feminine products. My father’s actually done it for me too.

If we missed something here and you’d like us to answer something else, drop a note in the comments with your question. We might revisit a topic similar to this in the future if a question comes up. ☺

  • Arsen Igityan

    But the funny thing is when I search for such products in eBay (where we usually buy these) , majority of results come from Korea: ))

    • hallyuback

      That’s hilarious! And.. you have to buy them on eBay?

      • Arsen Igityan

        Well… much cheaper than at local supermarkets. plus you can stay at home! LOL

  • http://www.mykoreanhusband.com/ Nic (MyKoreanHusband)

    Haha great video. All the tampons I’ve seen in Korea (from the tiny tiny selection) have been applicator ones – we really don’t use applicator ones much in Australia. The majority of our tampons are without applicators. I noticed, at least where I am, that in the department store the tampons were Japanese applicator ones. Someone once told me that the problem with applicator ones is that companies can hide the poor quality tampon because it’s not really seen. When I did look at an unpacked tampon from applicator ones I did notice that it wasn’t near the standard we have in Australia.

    I’ve never met a Korean girl that uses tampons and many are horrified at the thought of them – but with a bit of education I’ve had some Korean friends try them out and then wonder how they ever survived without them.

    Deodorant… one of my pet peeves is Koreans saying, “But we have deodorant in Korea! Why did you bring it from Australia?!” Yeah…. but you don’t really… like there is a tiny selection and some of it is hardly more than perfume water. I use good quality stuff, especially being married to a Korean man. Do you know what it’s like to be a white girl married to a man that doesn’t get BO?? Yeah you gotta be careful! Gotta stock up on the good quality deodorant…. it’s not something Koreans can really understand with their marvellous genetic mutation that means no BO under the arms. haha… sigh…

    And finally, I do laugh when I see couple underwear in stores….. but it is tempting!

    • hallyuback

      The majority of the ones I’ve seen in the US are applicator style, so I never really thought much about that. Although recently on the web I’ve seen a few horror stories of the low quality applicator tampons so if they had the non-applicators in Korea I’d probably give them a shot. As for deodorant, I can’t even imagine having a partner that didn’t have BO. That’s a funny thing to even think about. I’d most likely be extremely self conscious and paranoid.. not that you smell. Trust me I know. Glad you enjoyed it! Fighting!!! ^^

  • http://samsoondowntherabbithole.com/ dewaanifordrama

    Sheetz & WaWa’s!!! I’ve live in PA before and so that brought back such good memories!

    Seriously though – you read my mind with this topic! I was just thinking about whether or not Korea had started to get Tampons. Though like Nic, I am used to a good selection of non-applicator tampons. Same in Europe. I think that once I get to Korea, I might also just have my mom send me tampon and deodorant care packages once my stockpile runs out ^^

    Random question about shampoo…do they have Biolage?

  • Deidre Crummitt


    • Deidre Crummitt

      And Wegmans! You two are my favorite bloggers. Do you want me to send you guys deodorant? 😀

      • hallyuback

        This comment just made my day! :))) We don’t actually need any deodorant at the moment but that’s thoughtful of you!!

        • Deidre Crummitt

          I’m excited for the US meetup this summer! I hope you and Richard come close to Maryland. I will bribe Richard with Redskins merchandise. :)