When I first came to Korea, I thought I was gonna see Gong Yoo on the streets! Or, that all Korean guys would look like Gong Yoo and all Korean girls would look like Yoon Eun Hye. That was a bit unrealistic! Fortunately and unfortunately, I’ve only been able to see Gong Yoo on advertisements. Unfortunately because he’s my favorite Korean actor and I’d love to see and meet him someday. But that’s fortunate because I’d probably fan girl all over the place right in front of him and be embarrassed about it after the fact.

Despite South Korea being a somewhat smallerish country (at least from an American standpoint), you’d think youd be able to see all sorts of Kpop and Kdrama stars on the streets. But there’s a lot of people in Korea, particularly in Seoul. And while I have seen some Kpop and Korean drama stars, my encounters with them have been few and far between. I think the rule of thumb if you will is, unless you are actually friends with their family, chances are you’re not going to see them out unless they are out with their friends partying on the weekend. And a lot of Kpop stars don’t have too much free time to just go out whenever they want, what with their busy schedules and all.

My good friend Seung Hee did actually see G-Dragon in a club in Apgujung a few months back. As well, one of Richard’s former students turned good friend as told us that Jang Geun Suk does like to occasionally hang out in clubs in Itaewon. I’ve heard that some of them live around Haebangchon, which is a very popular neighborhood for foreigners to live in Seoul. Funny enough, we were even hanging out with a foreigner from the U.S. just this evening who lives there!

So is it really possible to see Korean celebrities or Kpop stars on the public streets in Korea? The answer is yes if you keep your eyes peeled for them. But it’s not going to be easy. It’s much more likely you’ll see a cardboard cut out of your favorite actor or celebrity before you see them in person! ☺

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  • Leah Bonilla

    I don’t have the picture’s to prove it, but I met Jong Don Gun on a plane from Korea to Tokyo. It was around the time he was acting in A Gentleman’s Dignity. I was headed to Guam with a layover in Tokyo. I by some miracle, was in first class and he squeaked into his seat about a minute before the plane’s door shut. I knew who he was instantly. I was sitting next to a Korean who now lives in Washington state and he went nuts. He kept telling me to take his picture, but I thought that was kind of rude. We were deplaning and Jong Don Gun was right in front of me. I said his name out loud and he turned around. I just told him that I greatly enjoyed his acting and that he has a huge fan base in the U.S. He and his manager smiled and that was it. Until I arrived at my gate for my plane to Guam and he was sitting there alone. And I said Oh, are you following me? He laughed and then left with his manager…. He was on his way to Canada for a film festival.

    • hallyuback

      That’s a cool story! You got to meet and talk to him briefly, and then even joke with him too?!! I’m a bit envious! ^^

      • Leah Bonilla

        It was rather surreal since my family somewhat tolerates my K-drama obsession. And I said to them before my trip “Wouldn’t it be funny if I met a K-drama star? And they all kind of smiled obligingly in general tolerance of… When I came back and told them, my son Diego told his good friend’s mom and they were eating at a nearby Sushi place… Diego texted me and asked who it was I had seen and met… When he mentioned it to the waitress in a matter of minutes the entire kitchen staff emptied out into the restaurant and wanted to hear the story! The power of K-drama in Rossyln, VA. :)

  • lee chaerin

    I saw Jinyoung from B1A4