A very special day in the Hallyu Back household for two reasons: 1) Maki’s birthday is today! She was born exactly one year ago today. 2) Steph’s mom passed away on this day in 2008. September has always been the most difficult month for her. It was a very weird day last Nov. when we went to the animal hospital to look at kittens. We knew we wanted a Russian Blue, and when we arrived we saw they only had one. It was Maki and she was born on the 16th. I saw it first, knew the significance, and then relayed the info to Steph. Steph was already holding Maki in her arms when I told her. There was no turning back after that. Maki became part of our family, special birthday and all.

Twas a very good day today ^^

yesterday’s vlog

  • Arthea Emory

    September….such a wonderful month. Although M.J. (Michael Jackson…named that way because he is black and white) wasn’t originally mine…it ended up that way. My nephew went with his gf one day to look at puppies. She was immediately drawn to M.J. and said if she ever got a puppy it would be one like him. They left the breeders house, but my nephew doubled back under the pretense of forgetting his hat and asked to have the selected puppy held for a later purchase. My nephew bought the puppy as a Christmas present for his gf, but asked my mom if we could keep him at our house until the holiday came around. So from late September until Christmas day…I got to train, walk, feed, bathe, find a vet for, and fall in love with a dog that would not be mine. Christmas day came and my nephew came and gathered all of MJ’s belongings and to take him to his gf. Christmas night…MJ and all his belongings were back in my room…his gf liked, but was not allowed to have the puppy!

    I’m living in a place now where MJ and I can’t be together, but we still talk on the phone (I skype with my dog). He had a doggie bday party earlier this month to celebrate his 8th bday. Love my Shih Tzu!