We love the holiday season! This is the time of year that, no matter where we are we make sure we take time out to relax, enjoy each other’s company and thank our lucky stars for all that we have in life. It’s true. We really are fortunate when it comes to the lives we lead. Richard has a good job that pays for virtually anything we could want. We just got a brand new fur baby that has changed our experience recently in Korea drastically. And sure, lately I have been as busy as ever trying to get all my final exams, papers, presentations, etc. finished while continuing to YouTube videos. But we enjoy what we do and most definitely couldn’t do it with you guys supporting us every step of the way!

Holidays are our favorite time of the year, but it’s actually really difficult being away from our families during this time. I especially miss my dad, so much that the first two Christmases in Korea I actually went home, even if only for a couple of days. These last couple of years though it’s been more difficult to go home, mainly because of the expense. We’d much rather make a huge trip like that during the summer when the weather is nice outside.

In past years we’ve done American Thanksgiving at the house. But, what we usually do for Thanksgiving is celebrate during Chuseok. We do this because everyone here in Korea gets 3 (or possibly more) days off in a row and most places are closed. It actually feels like the holidays here during Chuseok, which is nice. And, what we do is we cook American Thanksgiving food during Chuseok because, well, we’re both American in this household. Turkey here is really expensive so now we celebrate by cooking chicken instead since it’s far cheaper than specialty ordering and paying for a turkey.

We also try our best to celebrate Christmas the same way we celebrate it back home. This year we are really excited because we are having a few close friends over for a nice feast, and that should be a lot of fun! Family can’t be here, and we can’t be home for the holidays, but it doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy it with loved ones. ☺

What major holidays do you celebrate in your country? Have you ever had to be far away from home and your family during a major holiday? If so what was it like? I’d love to hear experiences about this and compare notes!

Major Holidays in Korea:

Jan.-Feb. – Seollal (3 days)

March 1 – Independence Movement Day

May 5 – Children’s Day

May – Buddha’s Birthday

June 6 – Memorial Day

August 15 – Liberation Day

September – Chuseok (3 days)

October 3 – National Foundation Day

October 9 – Hangeul Proclamation Day

December 25 – Christmas Day

And by the way, there are a whole bunch of other holidays that we covered in part two of this video. There originally wasn’t going to be a part 1 and part 2, but after we began editing we knew there was no way to fit all the holidays and a brief explanation of each into one video.

Thanks for watching and bringing us positive energy! We could not continue to do this without the support of our fans! Thanks you guyz!

  • Dinshi Arnold

    Hey guys, I just wanted to thank you! I recently discovered your videos and since then they make my day!
    I`m from Germany and we celebrate 4 major holidays. First and most important of course is Christmas starting on the evening of 24th December when we exchange gifts. The next two days are holidays, too. Second is Easter in April starting with Karfreitag. Third there is Pfingsten (Whitsunday) in May. And last but not least there is Sylvester (the day before new year). It is not a full holiday but it is celebrated anyway. There are many more holidays but they are not celebrated.
    I really love your Drama recommendations so please keep up the good work. I hope to see you guys soon again.
    Greetings from Germany :-)

    • hallyuback

      Hey Nadine! So glad you like our videos! ^^ And thanks for sharing the holidays in Germany! Some of us celebrate easter in the US too, and we also celebrate New Year’s Eve as well, but we don’t call it Sylvester. It’s always interesting to hear about different customs all over the world! :)