Wow when this drama first came out, I had no idea of the controversy that would follow it. A take on Alice in Wonderland our Alice played by the quirky indie princess Moon Geun Young is a girl who’s worked hard her whole life to get nowhere but further into debt. After being left by her man she decides with the help of a high school classmate who’s climbed the social ladder to become a gold digger. So her plan is to go after a man who’s rolling in the money and can get her a piece of pavement in Cheongdamdong to call her own.

Initially this drama made me walk around for about a week singing “I ain’t saying she’s a gold digger..” But really, I’ve been to Cheongdamdong. I can’t really blame the girl one bit for wanting to live the life of the rich and glamorous. I mean, heck, there’s a reason that people are obsessed with things like European Royalty, Celebrities, and what’s worse – the Kardashians! (Sorry any Kardashian fans out there..) The thing is, most of us realize that that type of lifestyle is highly unlikely if not impossible for the 99% to obtain. But we can all dream, can’t we?

Then again, while I’m not exactly familiar with them, I would assume that those who are up there at the top have a tendency to expect certain things and take others for granted. Such as a girl actually telling you “I’m just not that into you.”

Thus brings me to Park Si Hoo. This man’s name is forever engraved into my brain now – though I wish, I wish I could scrub it all out. His character in the drama was a bit unrealistic with members of the female gender. His secret wife divorced him quietly and he vows to get revenge in the worst way possible. Meanwhile he meets Moon Geun Young’s character. While naive as to her gold-digging ways he still precedes to lie to her, show up at her house, and essentially sexually harass her on the job. Who would have thought that this indeed was tame compared to real life situations? Whether he did it or not, drama took a huge financial hit as nobody wants to watch an accused rapist on-screen.

I have my opinions and hope that justice is truly served. However, Mr. Park Shi Hoo, in the future, you may want to remember that life is not a drama and get 100% consent from a girl before taking her home. Oh, and make sure she’s sober.. just a thought.

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