The other day while we were eating the PENIS FISH, we were invited by Natalia to hang out with her and her brother in Lotte World in Seoul where they have a magic show! Considering it’s our last hoo-rah in Korea, we absolutely could not pass up this opportunity!

You guys, if you have not been to Lotte World in Seoul, I think it’s definitely worth it at least once while you’re here either visiting or living in Korea. They have lots of activities to check out, and the place inside is huge. We personally love the magic show, but, umm.. we are biased. We’ll let the video speak for itself.

Yesterday’s Video – Doctor’s Results

  • Amanda Chang

    HI!!! This is my first time commenting ever but I have been watching your videos for ages! I am actually just finding out that you guys are leaving Korea and I was surprised, like oh my gosh CHANGE!! But I am totally supportive of you guys and good luck! All the luck to you in this new chapter in your life and please never ever stop posting videos!!!! Your videos have fuelled my dream of one day visiting and possibly living in Korea and Richard was right to say that no one has really ever posted a video of leaving Korea and I will be honest although I would like to live in Korea someday I don’t think it is the place where I could spend my entire life. I currently live in Canada and am in college studying film and television so a job filming some Korean dramas would be a dream come true for me and I have loved watching your videos and getting some awesome insight of what it is like to live there, so for that I am forever grateful to you guys. So overall thank you for sharing! Please keep posting cause wherever you are I will keep watching <3

    • hallyuback

      Thank you! Wow, that’s a cool career choice of which I can’t help but thumbs up! Hwaighting!