One of the big pros to moving to Rochester, NY for me besides being close to family was this beautiful old house with lots of room for Maki and a spacious backyard where I could plant a garden. In my time in Korea I had learned to love cooking a lot more and to be more hands on and experimental with my cooking. In many cases, this was because things just weren’t available and if I wanted them I had to learn how to make them myself. For example, learning how to make breads, certain alcohols, and even bacon! Along with this is a desire to simply try to eat healthier – more veggies and wholesome foods and less processed crap.

Eventually the backyard will be an area filled with vegetables and edible plants. It’s amazing once you start researching what all you can eat and/or drink! One area will be dedicated to teas (which I’ve always loved drinking) and will be filled with herbs, bee balm (bergamot) and other tea-able flowers and plants. But one small step at a time! The first step is learning how to grow herbs. I tried growing them in Korea, but it was largely unsuccessful because of the amount of mold in the air around our apartment due to the monsoon rains. They’ve started shooting up though here in New York and I couldn’t be more excited!

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