The other day I was looking for new Korean Dramas coming out in July, when I stumbled upon Death Note the Japanese Drama coming out in July!!!!

I was SOOOOOOOO EXCITED for this news than I instantly when on a grand internet scavenger hunt to find all the information that I could about this so I could make an informational video for you guyz.

You see, when I think of the early days of my interest in Asian dramas, Death Note immediately comes up in my mind. Not because there’s a drama of it, but because it was really popular back then!

My group of friends at the time were obsessed with it. We watched the anime together, we watched the movies, and some of them even cosplayed for Halloween. Or just because, because why not?!

The story of Death Note is such an epic cult classic. I just remember how influential it was for people who had an interest in Asian in my generation. It even got banned in some places. That was my early twenties.

Now that I’m in my later twenties and I’ve waited many years for this to be made into a drama, I am so excited! I’m also a bit nervous because they are changing some things around that are pretty important. And it is Japan where dramas can be a hit or a miss.

But fingers crossed this is a HUGE hit that helps to put Japanese dramas back on the map!

Are you looking forward to the new Live action Japanese Drama Death Note?

Happy Drama Watching!!! :)

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