Friday was date night for Steph and I! With our crazy schedules, it’s ALWAYS nice to plan a day when we can kick back, relax a bit and enjoy each others company. We had such a good time we didn’t realize that it being a holiday in Korea the public transportation schedules change. And that changed our whole night around, and honestly for the better!

Yesterday’s Video

  • Karen Shortell

    What a fun day. You deserve that after finding out about your friend’s father, Richard. I am so sorry for you, especially since you can’t be with your friend to help him through this time.
    Thanks for the really fun video of the sauna. It’s nice to see what one really looks like – not that different than in the dramas, but you showed us much more of one.

  • Arthea Emory

    Unexpected fun sometimes turns out to be more fun than Planned Pleasure! Good to see you had a good time! A gorilla with flowers…I want one for my front lawn!

    You keep posting, I’ll keep watching!!!