It’s official you guys.. Descendants of the Sun is the BIGGEST Korean drama in recent history!!!! In 6 episodes, they’ve surpassed You Who Came From the Stars which was hugely popular – and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

Currently on board watching the drama myself, I completely understand the hype. While a modern somewhat realistic drama (located in an alternate universe) the cinematography, the writing, directing and acting are on point. There are a LOT of dramas that come out of Korea every year and honestly not all of them are of the same caliber.

Last year’s best drama Kill Me, Heal Me was fantastic but honestly not very family friendly. There is some high action and gun shooting scenes in Descendants, but Song Joongki’s military hero character helps to support the establishment’s ideal Korean man (after all they all have to do military service).

It’s time appropriate, has strong capable characters that are easy on the eyes, with enough action and romance to appeal to both sexes and great morals. This one is going to go down in dramaland as a Classic!

Have you been watching Descendants of the Sun? I’d love to know what you think about it so far!

Happy Drama Watching everyone!!