Devil Beside You may just be one of my favorite dramas of all time despite it being from 2005. I believe I saw it during my initial months of drama watching back when I was in university and I had just discovered dramas. To say that I was hooked is an understatement. I love this drama so much that it was the first drama I watched on an MP3 player – back when the MP3 players had just introduced video and the Ipod hadn’t quite taken the monopoly over the music listening world. I had a powder blue creative ZEN Vision:M MP3 player that was literally a brick with a tiny screen. But I was so proud and in love with that thing because it was 30 gigs (compared to the early ipod touch which only had 8) and I could put entire drama series on that device. Heck I didn’t have that kind of memory on my computer!

Oh nostalgia! I had ‘Devil Beside You’ on that MP3 player along with ‘Why Why Love’ and I watched both repeatedly until I lost all the cords to it moving in 2009. That I’m a fan of Mike He and Rainie Yang is an understatement. Heck I also like Kingone Wang – though he has a terrible time getting the lead girl – especially if it’s Rainie. I’ve seen a lot of their work both the good, and the bad.

This one is definitely one of their “good” ones. Mike He plays the bad boy who’s messed up and dangerous but with a good heart to perfection. True things are a bit stilted but I blame the time period for that – cuts in video editing weren’t as clean in Tw Dramas back then. Rainie Yang does a good job at playing the innocent young girl who is just trying to follow her heart. Yes this one is a bit dated in clothing and such, but if you look past that – and the slightly incestuous proposal of two stepsiblings falling in love – it’s an epic drama with a unique story that I’ve not seen replicated (which to me is huge – I’ve seen a lot of dramas). If you like romantic dramas with hot smoky kissing scenes – this one is something to consider.

Did I mention that Mike He is going to be in a drama with Ady An? The date hasn’t been set yet, but a tentatively titled Upper Class Common Girl looks like it may be THE Taiwanese Drama to see in Fall (After Fabulous Boys is finished!)