One of those dramas that I knew wouldn’t be at the top but would definitely be on my must watch list is Discovery of Romance.  Truthfully more than anything, the reason for that is that it’s a Sung Joon drama, and I’m a huge Sung Joon fan.  While that’s not to discredit the other actors in this drama such as Jung Yoo Mi and Eric, I’m really all about the supporting cast – Sung Joon, Kim Seul Ki (loved her as the comic editor in Flower Boy Next Door), and Yoo Jin Yi (who I first saw in Gentleman’s Dignity).  Strangely enough, I find myself wanting to skip past all of the flashback scenes just in hopes of seeing these guys act.

The first episode takes you on a bit of a roller coaster that is settled in episode 2. You can clearly see why they broke up in the first place, why the new relationship isn’t without its flaws and that more than anything she just needs to work on her own self regardless of any guy.  Getting drunk over your dead father by yourself in Seoul far from home is not reflective of a positive decision maker.

You guys I’m really enjoying this drama, guess that goes almost without saying.  It’s got a clear I need romance 3 understanding guy vibe combined with the sensitive Daniell Oppa of Fated to Love You. In other words, it’s great!