Although neither of us has actually dated a Korean man, it’s actually a lot less difficult to discuss this topic than you might think. Both of us have been living here for some time now, and that means many many conversations with people under our belts by now. Dating, and what each sex prefers in the other can be a popular topic for discussion. In fact, once you make friends with people here it’s easy to talk to some them about this.

Whether our answers to this question are what you may have already heard, or give new information, fact of the matter is this: There is less diversity here in all walks than there is in some other places. When you ask men here what they prefer in a woman, you honestly do get a smaller variety of answers than you might in a non-Asian country. But then again, nobody can predict what answers may lay out there if you were to go and poll, say, 1,000 men on the streets of Korea randomly. That would be a fun project to get answers like that now, wouldn’t it?

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