We already made a video about men’s fashion in Korea and just how feminine Korean men are, but we had never made one about women, so naturally we had to answer this.

What if women dressed in more masculine fashion? I really wanted to talk about this because in dramas for example, if a girl wants to cut her hair off and actually does it, she’s mistaken for a guy. In real life, gotta be honest: that is not the case. You only need to look at F(x)’s Amber to see that it is acceptable. A girl can be a girl and be a sexy girl and still wear a more tomboyish style.

Is it actually easy to shop for? Yea probably, if you’re the right size. Heck I can find guys shoes WAY EASIER than I can women’s shoes! Oh the problems of being a large-footed girl.

And speaking of shoes, does Amber wear high heels? We wondered this while compiling this blog. I Googled it. Click here to see what I found. Pretty smexy if you ask me. I must admit I was a bit shocked, but sometimes when you’re a tomboy you still may sometimes wanna put on heels. Because why not?!

That being said, it’s not super common. Hip hop style is popular, but they usually throw an ultra feminine curve on it with short shorts or high heels with lots of long hair and makeup. If you’re reading this then you probably know what I’m talking about.

Girls in Korea are generally girly. Some, however, shun the stereotypes. There’s almost this connotation internationally that either you’re an athlete, you’re just one of the guys, or you’re a lesbian. There are plenty of Korean people that do not fit into those stereotypes.

Speaking of short hair, as a girl who rocks her hair as such, this is my insight. Most Koreans girls don’t have short hair, so are beauticians and hair stylists completely clueless on how to cut short hair? No, because they usually also cut guys hair. With that said, will you get the chicest little pixie cut? Prolly not. You might also get some odd looks, but if you score someone who can do it and keep going back to them, they’ll get used to it. It doesn’t even phase my stylist in Korea anymore.

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