Spring has fully May-ed its way to Korea (you see what I did there?!?!) and along with it comes the flowers, the need for yellow umbrellas and a whole new crop of dramas. While I must admit, I really loved how this year started of in Korean dramaland, they’re all finished – and though I can go back and re-watch all of those stories, I can’t go back and fully relive them. The anticipation will never be the same knowing what is going to happen and though I do at times re-watch my favorites, it is time for me, Steph to move on and watch some new dramas.

And so I did. My first new drama of this month though was such a great choice that I had to share it all with you guys. Thus, I made this video. As I write this, I am currently watching episode 3 of my new favorite drama of the moment Doctor Stranger. Holy Cannoli Lee Jong Suk! This guy has totally upped his Kdrama star power and I think is in good standing to be quite the leading man.. as though he isn’t already Steph! Alright, so he’s already proven himself to be quite the leading man with his former dramas, but he’s still got such a baby face and is really only just stepping out of the high-school type roles into real leading man territory. He’s also only born in 1989, which while he’s no high school kid is really important right now because it means that while a majority of your dramaland menz are getting ready to disappear into the military for two years, he’s still got plenty of time to focus on and build his career – without them there!

Really though, this is proving to be a great drama.. like the best (short) drama that I’ve seen since You Who Came From the Stars. Ok, so there’s no aliens, it IS a medical drama and it also stars Jin Se Yeon. I get that those are drawbacks to a lot of drama watchers. It’s also not very realistic but I can forgive all of these. What it does have is an intense plot, some smexy actors/actresses (Jin Se Yeon is going to be good in this one.. I just know it!) and awesome shots.. at least in the first two episodes. More than anything though, what tells me that this drama is going to be exceptional is that it had the hubz glued.. like seriously.. glued. I was in shock. He kept saying “I’m not going to like it as much as it goes on and they get into the South Korean story” but ladies and gentlemen, he was glued for 2 episodes! And if that’s not enough, he was interacting and responding to what he was seeing. Particularly with the whole Budapest scene.. “His hair’s not moving”, “He’s actually riding the bike”, “Open the door!”, “Why didn’t they just open the door?!?!” It was all quite endearing. ^^

With all that being said, I hope I didn’t throw in too many spoilers for ya, but I seriously think that you should check this drama out if you haven’t already. I’m planning to watch the whole thing!

  • ladysaotome

    I read koala’s recaps for the first 2 episodes and got scared off by the medical violence. I’ll have to read more recaps before I reconsider. I was really wanting to watch this, too, since I loved Lee Jong Suk in I Can Hear Your Voice.

  • yan

    Super intense. A YOUNG ACTOR w tons of talent, the young girl w her dad at the ER was also very nice. Lots of young talent in Korea

  • Dangershoes

    I can’t watch the operations, but I am hooked. So intense and amazing actors. <3