Another Korean spicy food challenge! This one was filmed for a TV show, so that made it even more exciting. I’m beginning to like these spicy food challenges because I probably wouldn’t seek out these types of restaurants otherwise. Steph doesn’t like extremely spicy food, and we both don’t usually go to restaurants when we know the food is spicy because we are just never sure what level of spicy they serve up. We’ve gone to restaurants before that supposedly don’t serve very spicy food, and then we are spiced out. The opposite has also happened. Sometimes it’s just better to be cautious.

Last time I was hanging out with Jesse was a memorableI ate Grandma’s spicy cold noodles in Seoul. That was a lot of fun! That’s why when he called to ask me if I’d join him on this short documentary shoot he was doing for KBS Korean TV, of course I said yes.

Yesterday’s Video – Tasty Chicken Galbi Dinner

  • Arthea Emory

    I was going to suggest carrying a thermos of milk with you…but…you want to take the manly way out and go balls to the fire wall….do yo thang!


    You keep posting…I’ll keep watching!!!