OMG FINALLY!!! I love Empress Ki. It’s the longest drama that I’ve ever seen and considering it’s one of the only historical dramas I’ve seen it’s pretty impressive! It’s actually totally getting me on a Korean history kick and I’ve been researching all about Korean history ever since. Anyways, I really wanted to talk about this one in something other than a LIVE CHAT where I get to completely express my opinions and so, now that it’s almost over, thanks to your recommendations, I finally got the chance!!

First off, I love Ha Ji Won as an actress and I think she does a fantastic job. Also the since I know where it’s going because of the opening scene. I feel like this drama could be twice as long, and with all of the plot twists they’re putting in that they could have left some of it out or if they were going to put them in then I wish they would actually flesh it out.. but, I still love it.

As for the kisses, they are few and far in between but every one is superb. It helps that all of the scenery, costuming and colors are rich and gorgeous! I seriously think that at least the red rose petal bathtub kiss will end up making it into my best kisses of the year! What do you think?