There have been A BUNCH of serious issues recently surrounding the Kpop industry that seem to be calling the industry itself and the way they do business into question. There have been more controversies in the second half of 2014 than ever.. though that may be an exaggeration.

So much has happened in just the last several weeks that we felt like, as people living in Korea and making Youtube videos regularly, we had to address it. The question we answered came in two days ago, so we were essentially this was very timely.

I think it’s actually funny to me because Richard commented in a video just the other day about Jessica leaving SNSD. And now the Kpop world and my Twitter feed are overflowing once again with Luhan leaving and suing EXO to break his contract. For those of you who aren’t aware, most Kpop singers sign 10-15 year contracts which are fairly difficult to get out of.

Do either of us know all the details about what’s going on? No. Do we think that SM is pretty controlling and probably makes some bad management decisions at times? Yes.

Regardless, I know that I wouldn’t want to be a Kpop star. Having someone micromanage my life, my appearance and everything to that extreme is just not something that I could do. And while being a Kpop star probably looks glamorous initially, I’m sure that being a member of one of the biggest groups out there is more than a little bit overwhelming.

None of us really knows if we’re not actually experiencing it for ourselves firsthand. Of course, I doubt this is going to be the end of EXO by any means. There are enough good looking guys out there, they will find somebody to replace him.

I’m going to leave it here for now. We said a lot in the video and we barely scratched the surface. There’s a lot behind the scenes in the Kpop industry that we just don’t know about still, so it’s quite difficult to draw accurate conclusions.

As for the future of Kpop, that’s up in the air. We would have liked to have covered it more in the video, but we wanted to keep it under 10 minutes just so we don’t make out videos too long and boring. Kpop has been around for quite awhile now. Maybe Richard’s right, and Psy was the height of international Kpop fame. Or, maybe Kpop is still just getting started. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Hopefully it’s popular for years to come.

Last week’s video

  • Arthea Emory

    FIRST…Richard…your shirt….love it…but I couldn’t figure out if it was blurred or if the design was blurred. I had to watch the video twice because I kept staring at your shirt.


    Kim Ki Bum (Super Junior) basically left with the company’s approval (acting hiatus…for over 5 years?), Han Geng (Super Junior, SuJu-M) left on not so happy terms. Kris Wu (Exo-M) left kinda the same way Han Geng left…just a few months ago. Jessica Jung (SNSD) she as well as I am kinda confused as to why she is no longer a member of Girls Generation, I just hope her leaving has no effect on her sister’s place in the company as she (Krystal) is still in f(x). SPEAKING of f(x)…Sulli took a break from the spotlight because of all the negativity she was getting because people caught on she was dating. and now Lu Han (Exo-M) is leaving.

    I can understand wanting to keep a positive image for your company through your artists by setting certain parameters, but…come on. You want your artists to maintain a wholesome and pure image so that they can be everyone’s Noona/Unnie or Hyung/Oppa. Like I said before of Motown in the 50’s and 60’s, the artists were told to say they were younger than they were or that they weren’t married when some artists we married WITH CHILDREN.

    It’s all about the image. And I’m assuming (because I don’t actually know) that after a while having someone stand over your shoulder ALL THE TIME can wear on your nerves and you (to quote Queen) “want to break free”. You are no longer your own being and you need to break in order to find yourself. Being part of a group is great because you have someone to lean on, but they are still individuals and should get the chance to express themselves as such.

    THIS IS ONLY MY OPINION ON WHAT I AM READING! Trust me…if I had had first hand knowledge I’d be geeking out somewhere in a corner because I just spoke to a Kpop star.


    You keep posting…I’ll keep watching!!!

  • Angela

    I love Super Junior. No matter what I feel for SM and the way they treat their artist as long as Suju there I will support them.

  • Snadra Kunde

    Actually, I don’t know what to do now. I love SHINee and EXO, so I really want to support them, which isn’t really possible except for buying their music, DVDs etc. But with that I give SM my money, as well. So either I stop supporting them and with that hopefully change the ways of SM with that, but might also cause the end of the bands as well. Or I support them and give the impression that I don’t care how they are being treated.
    I also had discussions with some (Asian) fans who said, that EXO should get their sh** together, because SM is doing everything for the success of their stars and shouldn’t be that ungrateful. They don’t even see what is going on, or plainly don’t want to.
    I’m wondering, why aren’t there any rules to obey like max. working hours or certain resting times, etc? Those could actually make things better for the stars and hopefully make a difference.