Today was filled with surprise! After dropping Steph off I had a whole bunch of places to go and people to see. Life is like that, although to be fair in Korea Steph and I tend not to do a lot of running around in the car most days. Today was unlike most days, since I had to run over to Suwon University to pick up completed surveys. Going over there means taking a car, because there’s no direct public transport from where we live. Ended the day by opening a package from one of you AWESOME people too. Can’t tell you how excited we were..

Yesterday’s Video: Delicious Bulgogi Lunch

  • Annette Radcliff

    i am thinking that the coffee might have been anywhere between $4-$5 dollars here in the US. I used to work at the Coffee Bean a while back and I think that was about the price for that. but generally they have amazing coffee and great blends and smoothies as well. right up there with Starbucks. but I think Starbucks might be a bit more on the pricey side but not by much I am afraid.

  • Christi Barron

    Richard, when you paid for your gas, the attendant handed you a small package with your reciept. What was it? Did you purchase something else or is there a surprise to getting gas in Korea that is not like in the US?

  • Christi Barron

    And five bucks for coffee! Sounds like Alaska prices to me! Alaska coffe shacks are crazy awesome though. It’s one of the many things I will miss while we spend some time in Korea . I’ll have to hit you guys up for recommendations when we get there.