There’s no way I was going to let my dad come all the way to Korea and not let him get a chance to see and explore beautiful Soraksan National Park.

To describe this place properly for people who have never stepped foot in Korea, it’s the nicest National Park going here. It’s a must visit for all first timers to Korea in my opinion, and I thoroughly enjoy any chance I get to go there. I’ve been already several times now, including driving all the way out there from Seoul on one of my first dates with hubby, and also visit there on our honeymoon.

I just knew dad would love it, and he did. We all did that day.

This was also the site located close to where we stayed for $30 per night. The beach area near the hotel was called 낙산해변 near Seokcho. That’s for those of you who’ve been asking about the exact location of the hotel in the video below where we got such a bargain at. ☺