This Fabulously Glamorous 3SOME would not be the same without this week’s TOAD – Fabulous Boys! Heck, I already had a girl who dressed down to be a guy in Nail Shop Paris and a Old Cinderella dressing up to hook up with a young man in Last Cinderella – why not add a nun into the mix?!?! This is also probably my favorite review I’ve made to date – though I went a bit crazy – but you’ll see..

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I first want to make sure I give proper credit where it’s due. I was recommended to review this drama WAAAYYYY back in January of this year, even before they had an official name for it. The fan that made this recommendation has been a steadfast supporter of Hallyu Back since the early days, and is as knowledgeable about Asian dramas as any of us. Have you even seen the number of completed dramas from her drama list on mdl? ( Talk about dramathoning.. WOW

So.. thanks so much Jenna for putting this drama on my radar so far in advance!

To give a little back story, last winter, I got a heads up on a new Taiwanese drama that was coming out in 2013 and have been in anticipation ever since. Whether or not the wait has been worth it or not though is still to be decided in my mind. The new Taiwanese drama this May that is shaking up the masses (or at least kept me in anticipation for 6 months) is Fabulous Boys! It’s based off of the super popular Korean drama You’re Beautiful which, I got to say is one of my all time favorite Korean dramas.

At the time You’re Beautiful was aired there really hadn’t been another Korean drama like it. Sure, there were parts of it that had totally been seen before, such as the girl disguised as a guy. The combination though created quite the award winning drama that seemed like it was a fresh take on the ‘Flower Boy drama’ concept that was huge in 2009. From January to March that year, drama watchers had Boys Over Flowers which cemented Lee Min Ho and the Kdrama world into the hearts of many drama watchers. When this story came out in October later that year, it helped to prove to the international community that big Korean drama hits were here to stay and that it certainly wasn’t a fluke. And for some of us (myself included) it was far better than BOF because let’s be honest – which actress do you prefer: Park Shin Hye or Gu Hye Sun?

Speaking of Park Shin Hye – I was really impressed with Su Li Wen’s acting. As a new actress to start off with a leading role she seriously rocked it! And it was totally inspiring for some fun skits in this week’s TOAD. How often do you get to really dress up as a nun for the heck of it?

Anyways, I was really excited to see that there was a Taiwanese version coming out since I’m such a fan of the storyline, and knowing it starred Jiro Wang made it a definite must see. So far, I’ve only seen the first episode. I’m going to keep watching (if they keep subbing) and hopefully make a more educated guess. However, with what I’ve seen – I think I prefer the Korean version. The Taiwanese version is really good in and of itself and if I didn’t have a bias towards the Korean Version I think I may love this drama. My biggest problem is just that in the first half of the first episode, the plot has very little variation from the other episodes. But, we’ll see. The second half of episode 1 looked promising – here’s hoping they shake things up a bit! On to the next episode.. whenever they get around to making English subs available.

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  • Grace Montemayor Terrado

    Another amazing video Steph. Your husband is very supportive to you. Keep it up UNNIE :))) As of now I haven’t finish watching Beautiful You :))HIHIHI

    • hallyuback

      Thanks! I really do have a great husband – he’s the best. Take your time watching Beautiful You – Fabulous Boys will take a while to come out and get subbed. ^^

      • Grace Montemayor Terrado

        Hwaiting !!! Aja

  • Sophie Galamez

    that part with you comparing Jang geun suk and Jiro wang was TOO funny!

    • hallyuback

      It’s my favorite part of the video too! ^^

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    wow, fun TOAD video Steph, thanks for your awesome videos! I enjoyed this one a lot!!! 😀

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    Another great video Steph! Thanks! :)