Falling Blossoms

“Falling Blossoms”
Acrylic on Canvas – March 2016

This painting MIGHT just be my Sakura 2016.  Cherry blossoms have always been very meaningful for me – my neighbor growing up had a HUGE white cherry tree that bloomed beautifully every year – it was my favorite time of year in Korea – and the one tattoo that I have at the moment (I want more) is a stem of 4 cherry blossoms with one falling.  Back in around 2014 I destroyed a beautiful painting that I loved of a tree with falling cherry blossoms to denote spring.  I had let my depression and frustration take hold of me and in a moment of anguish I took a knife to a beautiful painting in desperation.  Looking back, this painting signifies healing to me.  I still struggle with depression and my physical health doesn’t always help that along.  But for the second year that I’ll miss cherry blossoms in Korea, this is the first year that I feel okay with that.

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