Trying out a new segment! Who doens’t love ridiculous news? I’m a news information junkie and Asia always has some pretty ridiculous stuff. And I ain’t just talking about North Korea either.

Getting things kicked off with some Kpop news, Exo style. Some international Kpop fans tried to turn the boy band EXO into some serious male rock stars. Panties on stage? Really ladies?

  • Deidre Crummitt

    I freaking love Richard. LOL

    • Rachel Quirante

      yeah! he’ so real!

  • Arthea Emory

    I just can’t!

    *my sides are in pain from trying to hold in my laughter and my cheeks hurt from smiling*

    My theory…that’s why Kpop stars are so talented…all that sexual frustration has to go somewhere.

    You keep posting…I’ll keep watching!

  • Mia Pejinović

    Um… BTS were there too though lol.

  • maritza

    who where the ones who left exo?