I love T-shirts! Patterned T-shirts, band t-shirts.. Heck, I love pretty much all cool t-shirts, especially now that I’m a student and I can wear them to class anytime I want!

So, I was super excited when we got contacted by Carrie at Robot Luv who wanted me to check out her brand. You guyz, this video is sponsored!! This is the first video we’ve ever made sponsored by a clothing company! And this company has some killer gear! I was excited to work with them because I think Robot Luv has some really cool designs, and while they are not necessarily Asian drama-related, I thought some of you guyz would still be really interested in them.

I introduced 4 T-shirts in this video:

Dogfather T-shirt

Birdies Sing T-shirt

Boomboxbot T-shirt

Owl In Hat T-shirt

Here’s the link to the Robot Luv Etsy shop! Thanks again Carrie for contacting us and introducing us to your cool line of T-shirts, patches, and other items you have custom made. I dig your designs and I will be rocking these T-shirts when the warm weather rolls in!