Fated to Love You is OVER!! I’m sad pandas. This is probably the most nerve-racking drama of the year to me, because I really really wanted it to be good. I was scared it wasn’t gonna be, and overall I was totally blown away and impressed.


To me, this is one of the best Korean drama remakes that I have ever seen.

I like how they completely took all the main elements but then changed around so many of the little details that even though I knew what was going to happen because I had seen the drama before, I was still glued. It was almost like I didn’t know what was going to happen. That’s a feat.

So I’d like to hear your thoughts. Have you seen this drama, or have you started watching it? What was your overall impression of the drama? Did any part of any episode stick out to you? Did it meet your expectations?

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  • Karine Divo

    hello i really like your videos and i’m a big fan :) , can you make a video about it’s ok thats love after its finished, because its really one of the best kdrama ever

    • hallyuback

      You bet! Great idea btw :)

  • Karen Shortell

    I am going to miss this drama very much, but at least they gave us episode 20, where the couple was happy and having a great time together for the whole episode.

    • hallyuback

      I agree! It was part of why I ranked a 10 on mydramalist.com :)

  • eljay anteja

    I really enjoyed it to the max! I was waiting every Wednesday and Thursday in this drama, I really invested my time watching it raw and then later on with Sub, I love all the actors on how they bring life to their character. In my point of view I think this is waaaay better than the original. You can’t help but to fall in love with the main OTP, I love how Gun is so eccentric especially his weird laugh that creep inside my heart! Hahaha! I’m so glad that I have known Jang Hyuk in this series I never known him ever since this drama. While Jang Nara is so lovable as Mi Young. She perfected it! I love all the side characters as well! Daniel Pitt is such a perfect second lead guy! He is such so romantic guy, his proposal is so touching! I just feel my heart ripping apart because I know that Mi Young still love Gun. Se Ra’s character is ok not so bitchy because you can sympathize with her if you put yourself into her shoe, imagine you long one bf is having a child while you are away! Well I could go on and go on in all the little details, I could just rate it 10/10. Hehehe I’m not so bias huh!

  • eljay anteja

    Wait I haven’t talk about my favorite kiss in this drama! It’s sooo many to choose from! I love how the writes and PDs executed the kiss, both of the characters are participating, and they really kiss with passion because they like each other! I’m feed up open wide eye kiss or accidental kisses. Their kisses in this series is done with the heart, it’s sweet and satisfying! Hahaha and I love how Lee Gun always control himself when he is sexually attracted to his wife! Hahaha that is the best part! Hahaha cold shower and humming hymns lol!

    • hallyuback

      Well put! ^^ I like that the kisses in this drama were genuine and not overly done. But mostly I liked the way they showed the sex scenes in such a cute, fun way without showing anything at all. :)

  • KyoRean

    You are awesome with your kissing analysis ! haha,,,I highly recommend FTLY to just anyone too! Assa!

    • hallyuback

      You’re so sweet! ^^ Nice profile pic btw haha