Today’s blog post and video is dedicated to Hyun Bin. Recently having been released from military service our beloved dude has not made a drama in years. Personally, I think he’s just waiting for the hype of ‘You Who Came From the Stars’ to die down a bit. Instead of a drama, he decided to make his comeback to the entertainment world with a movie titled ‘The King’s Wrath’ or ‘Final Encounter’.

Based on the real story of the Joseon King Jeongjo who watched his father’s execution and faced 7 assassination attempts his first year as king, this one is certainly dramatic! The first thought I had when I read the synopsis was “don’t you dare try to kill Hyun Bin!” I have to admit; I haven’t seen this movie yet. It came out in theaters here April 30th and is the biggest Korean film of 2014 so far. I haven’t seen it because I’ve just been too busy with homework for my Master’s Degree program and Hallyu Back to have much if any free time. Seriously folks, with the exception of going shopping one day and picking up souvenirs for people I’ll be seeing back in the USA this summer, I have pretty much holed myself up doing work. Not that I’m complaining, it’s all well worth it! I’m just at the point where it’s a couple of more days until summer vacation and I can almost taste it! Literally, I dream about cold cut sandwiches with dill pickle spears on the side (surprising what you miss in South Korea!)

So, I’m going to have to wait until this one comes out online with subtitles to actually watch it. Not that this is a problem, I’m planning to watch Ha Ji Won’s the huntresses this week as a present to myself for turning in all of my finals. The Fatal Encounter will be similar. I’ll have to satisfy myself and you all with pictures in the meantime.. and what pictures they are. Hyun Bin’s really been working out, and the artistry of the filmmaking seems to be dark but devastatingly beautiful. So wait with me.. and maybe we’ll have to celebrate together when it finally comes out for the whole world to see!

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  • Karen Shortell

    Hi, Steph. How long does it usually take for a movie to go up on the internet? I am looking forward to this, but I really really want to see Obsession. What site do you usually watch movies on? Viki has lots of movies, but it seems that most of them are pretty old.

  • randomsoju

    Hey, just FYI: HB got out of the military in Dec. 2012. Filming for Kings Wrath started in Sept. 2013. He was almost done filming and a release date of May 2014 was announced when YFAS was in mid run (Jan 2014), so it is highly unlikely that YFAS had any impact on Hyun Bin’s actions lol.

  • Karen Shortell

    I tried watching The Fatal Encounter, but the Eng subs on are really weird. By the way – I found and watched Obsession on that site.