Floating Balloon

“Floating Balloon”
Watercolor on Paper – March 2017

I wanted to have some fun with my watercolors and practice some techniques and so I decided to work on some clouds. Always a benchmark for me, clouds aren’t easy to create but require both a lot of observation skills but also a lot of effort and knowledge to make them look realistic. Thus, a good place to start because if I can paint clouds then the rest of it should come much easier. It ended up being everything that I expected, but I was happy with the end result. Sometimes you just have to float through your challenges. Know that they’re going to be difficult but make up the mindset that it’s going to be okay and you’re going to get through it and come out better and more learned on the other side. Thus, this painting is but a metaphor for one of my outlooks on life.

This artwork is a one of a kind piece hand painted by Stephanie Ishler of Hallyu Back. All artwork is for sale unless otherwise specified. If you are interested in purchasing this original painting, contact us here!

In addition, you can also inquire about artwork by emailing this address: contact@hallyuback.com ^^

12×18 inches / 31×46 cm