Do you ever get temped by the big giant red button? You’ve seen that clear caution/warning sign that says don’t enter, but you want to anyways. Sometimes in human nature makes us just go after that one thing that we end up realizing we love to hate. That was this drama for me.

Full House Take 2 isn’t a terrible drama, but it isn’t really a good one either. The whole thing was just unnecessary to make, but considering they made it – I had to watch it. And watch it I did. I watched the entire thing. The episodes were just too short to not watch it here and there: getting ready for work in the morning, cooking dinner, washing clothes, etc. It’s a great mindless drama to play in the background when you’re busy doing stuff.

The original Full House was an amazing Korean drama. I haven’t seen Rain do many dramas but this one with Song Hye Gyo put together two giant stars in one Korean drama that just can’t be topped with a sequel. In fact, the sequel couldn’t come anywhere close and that was before they came up with the script. But they did it, they came up with the mediocre drama and painted it with the Full House name to make it popular. If they hadn’t tied the full house name in, re-used the same giant brick castle we’ve seen time and again lately in Korean dramas and styled the people with bad clothes and hair, perhaps, just perhaps I could have enjoyed it. As it was, I liken it to the Korean Honey Boo-Boo or Kardashian. The show they just had to make for money – but the world may be a better place without. That’s Full House Take 2.